Combined, we offer over 25 years of customer service. Our expertise in ground travel combined with personal knowledge and experience in Costa Rica allows us to comfortably offer our customers a safe and positive experience.

Monkey Ride ATV is the ONLY establishment in Dominical that is now offering ATV rentals and tours. Come take a tour of the town with a splash of adventure you won't forget! Or rent your own ATV and explore at your own leisure. 



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Our staff works together as a family. Coming from different backgrounds reaching across oceans, we bring together a unique blend of culture, tradition, authenticity, and our love for Costa Rica. 


We understand you have choices when it comes to selecting your vacation destinations and auto transport services. Our goal is to provide an affordable, reliable and safe service, whether you are traveling to the beach, mountains, or to a city. 



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With Monkey Ride, you can arrange a rental vehicle the easy way. We have a selection of SUVs to use during your stay in Costa Rica to get you where you need to go. Our vehicles are safe, comfortable, and reliable. Rent your vehicle hassle free with us!

Contact us and include the dates you wish to book your rental and we will respond with a quote shortly.


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